3 ways to keep on track with your vision, goals and desires

vision, goals and desires

As I write this, the first quarter of the year has already sprouted and blossomed. Can you believe it?

The great news is that it provides the perfect opportunity to take out your journal and review exactly how aligned you are with your vision for the year.

Here are 3 practices that will keep you on track with your vision, goals and desires:


Keep your vision handy and your goals succint

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time.- Zig Ziglar

If you started the year with a bucket list of goals, it’s likely that you might already be feeling distracted or overwhelmed.


Our Brains seek the path of least resistance. Too many goals equals information overload. Our energy becomes scattered and our brains effectively freeze.   We begin to lose focus on our desires altogether, which creates an illusion of failure.

To combat this, commit to embracing a few (or even one) mammoth goal at a time.  Memorise or have it written somewhere you can easily refer to on a daily basis.

By the way – Keeping those desires tucked away in a drawer is an instant dream killer.  I like to keep a visual journal that I continue to play with as the year unfolds and adore Pinterest for growing a garden of lush ideas and inspiration.


Maintain a growth mindset

If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve.- Debbie Millman

How do some of us stay motivated while some of us lapse early in the game? Why do some people have endless resilience while others appear to give up at the first stumbling block?

I believe that a lot of it comes down to whether we embrace and inhabit a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset.

Believing that your abilities and talents are carved in stone (a fixed mindset) and that set-backs are failures, places an immediate gap between us and our vision.

When we maintain a growth mindset, we acknowledge, that while natural ability is a factor for success; dedication, practice and perseverance will take us anywhere.

We can always improve. We can always get there with hard work. We have access to unlimited resources and possibilities- both internally and externally.

In other words – Believe that you are enough and that you are capable of moving yourself forward.  You’ve got this!


Go all in.

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.- Wayne Dyer

Go all in and begin today.

The easiest way? Danielle LaPorte says it well – ‘Desire is the engine of creation’.

Claim and inhabit your intended state of desire, as much as you can.   Get in touch with your feelings and start taking action to replicate that feeling right now.

Going all in means that you live your days as if they were ideally planned – with clarity, purpose and excitement.  It also means, taking every hot second you can to enjoy the process!

Bring your lofty goals and desires front and centre – so that your yearly vision is vibrant and alive,  from beginning to end.


I always like to remind myself that life is short and sweet and sacred. And I wanna know – where is the fun and the celebration in this?  If it’s not here – how do I bring it?


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vision goals desires


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Get Monthly Celebration Notes from Kirri


  1. says

    Great reminder Kirri. Things have been quite manic for me lately and I have lost sight of my goals and dreams, which has been quite disheartening. A visual reminder is just what I need to keep focused.

  2. says

    I like that my brain seeks the path of least resistance! Lol! Will have to watch that one… 😉 Lovely to check in with myself because of this blog xxx

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