Celebrating life + Mary Grace Jewellery Giveaway

The next couple of weeks mark a whirlwind of celebration in our household.  My wedding anniversary, birthday and first kid-free holiday in FOREVER!

(I will leave it up to you to decide which event I am most hyped about).

The thing is, there’s no point in celebrating alone.

I need a back up dancer and some adornment junkies to join me!

In the spirit of Celebrating Life, I’ve decided to run a luscious wee giveaway, compliments of  Mary Grace Jewellery.

Mary is a stay at home mamma of six kids, aged 8 years old and under.  With two sets of twins and two singletons, – they make an adorable line up, on their daily procession into school.

Here’s Mary with a few of her exquisite creations – all independently designed and handcrafted in her home-based studio in Brisbane.

mary grace jewellery

We are giving one lucky winner the chance to win any two pieces from the Mary Grace collection.

Some earrings and a pendant,  a bracelet and a ring, some beads or a cuff – it will be the winners choice.

mary grace jewellery

 For your chance to win, complete the entry requirements below.  Or, if you would like to purchase something from her site yourself, you can do so here.

You are also eligible for 15% off any of her items by using discount code fb15off .

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Terms and conditions:

This giveaway is worldwide and runs from now until midnight, July 1st, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

You must fulfill the entry criteria for a valid entry.

Winners will be chosen using random.org, emailed and announced on this blog post.

Please leave a correct email address and don’t forget to check your emails.


CONGRATULATIONS Angela Miflin.  Please email me to claim your prize – kirri.whiteATgmail.com




Good Luck!

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  1. says

    So excited about this giveaway and will cross all fingers! Also excited about your holiday – hope you have an amazing time x

  2. Deb McNair says

    Love her unique style of jewellery! Love the ring, earrings, pendant – they are all really lovely! Happy celebrating Kirri! Hope you have a really special time away :)

  3. says

    Great giveaway Kirri! I’d love to win because my jewellery collection is in need of a boost and these designs are gorgeous–lots of cool energy coming off them!

  4. says

    Hi Kirri, thanks for sharing your excitement, and introducing us to Mary Grace Jewellery. I’d love to win, I really hate shopping, and have a result have an extremely limited jewellery collection, despite whenever I make the effort to wear jewellery, feeling that little bit special, enjoy all your celebrations. I just left my two children for 2 nights for the first time in 6 years, was a bit nervous about it but was really happy at how I was able to be in the present and enjoy my two days with my husband rather than being anxious about the kids, it was so lovely to reconnect and have fun.

  5. Caroline Turner says

    Love this giveaway, I would love to win some of this amazing jewellery to help me feel a bit more like my old self again after the birth of my baby boy 6 month ago.

  6. Angela Miflin says

    What an awesome prize! I hope you have an awesome trip and you and your hubby make the most of your kid free time! I would love to win some of Mary’s beautiful pieces as I could do with some funky new additions to add to my (somewhat limited) jewellery collection!

  7. says

    I agree with Deb – it would be a pleasure to own any of those pieces they are gorgeous (and far to cheap!)…whether I win your comp or not, I will be ordering some for myself and for friends x

  8. Janna Ciccotosto says

    I LOVE Mary’s designs! They’re just my style. Unfortunately things are tight at the moment so I can’t buy any right now. I’d love to win some so I don’t have to wait all the way until CHRISTMAS!!!

  9. Finny says

    Wow what a giveaway! Happy anniversary, happy birthday and have a great break! Mary’s Jewellery is the unique and beautiful style I am always looking for and rarely find! I’d love to win some Mary Grace Jewellery to show off the beautiful colours and designs myself and also to support and promote a home and hand made business!! I think that more businesses should be home and hand made! Well done, lovely work and I hope I win!!! :) xo

  10. Gillian says

    Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate! Life can be full of such joy when we take time to enjoy it! :) I love Mary Grace’s jewellery, I only just came across her work via the Natural New Age Mum’s post on Facebook of her stunning peacock bracelet and I fell in love! I love jewellery but I only wear unique pieces, and to have something hand-made with love is the best, especially when I can support a SAHM at the same time! :)

  11. Ljfur1 says

    I would love to win because The first time I saw Mary Grace Jewlerry load up it took my breath away. Here creations are just beautiful and something that I would make a feature in my life. She is incredibly talented and I just adore her work.
    As a sahm I love Jewlerry that I can add to whatever I am wearing and it makes me feel that little bits extra special. I really think Mary Grace Jewlerry piece would do this for me easily. :)

  12. Beck says

    At 40 I have just had my ears re-pierced since I was a teenager, so many beautiful earrings in the range!

  13. Shirley Sadler says

    Mary Grace’s Jewellery is elegant and modern, with classic, timeless, quality pieces that are beautiful to look at and would be an absolute delight to wear. I want some! In fact I want some so badly that, if I don’t win (sob!), I will definitely buy some. Mary and her work just seem to embody a philosophy my heart strains towards.

  14. Shannon Morgan says

    What gorgeous jewellery! I’d love to win as I never get the time to browse shops for such gorgeous pieces with a two year old in tow! I would have a hard time deciding what to choose if I win. Have a fabulous holiday. :)

  15. Caz says

    I would love to win some special handmade Australian bling to celebrate the creative steps forward I’m taking this year :-)

  16. says

    These pieces are gorgeous and unique … I’d love to win a pair of the big dangly earrings and something for my mum because it’s her birthday in a couple of weeks :)

  17. says

    Kid free holiday???!! No way!! We need to catch up before you go!
    I love Mary Grace’s pieces! Just went to like her FB page then headed over to her website and am going to treat myself! Thanks for introducing her! xxx

  18. beth says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway…lots of excitement for you on the horizon, enjoy :) I don’t usually enter giveaways, but this weekend I bought jewellery for myself for the first time ever and would love to start a collection! The pieces you highlighted of Mary Grace’s are gorgeous…and will be my next go to place to shop for my overseas friends!

  19. Sandra says

    I feel the energy from the unique jewelry would be a positive addition to my being… thank you.

  20. Patricia Featherstone says

    What a *FAB* giveaway. I would *LOVE* to be a winner as I really feel that my overall look needs some zooshing (yes that is a word I made up but I am sure you know what I mean!) Any of Mary Grace’s pieces would give me both the style and sophistication that I am desperately in need of. Good Luck everyone :)

  21. Pam says

    I’d so love to win, it is just gorgeous stuff and I just know I’d feel fab wearing it! Happy anniversary and happy birthday, and have wonderful hols xx

  22. says

    I had been celebrating myself more and giving myself permission to buy things that make me happy BUT I’ve fallen back into my old ways. Putting my family first, spending money on them rather than buying myself something that I know will make me feel lovely. Although I don’t just buy pretty things to make me happy, they do help. This jewelry is stunning. I know it would make me very happy if I won. :)

  23. says

    What gorgeous bling! I’d love to win a couple of Mary Grace’s beautiful pieces to brighten my winter wardrobe and help me to shine.

    Have a fabulous break Kirri. xx

  24. says

    I’m sure everything is important but I cannot let this post go by without wishing you a very happy anniversary. Of all the people I know, you deserve a decent celebration and I really hope you get one. Here’s to You. x

  25. says

    Would LOVE to win this! What lovely pieces, you can see that each piece is special and made with love! I had all my jewellery recently stolen during a house robbery, so am slowly re building my collection (hard to do!).

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