Celebrating Life

How have I been celebrating life?

celebrating life

I pulled off a brilliant birthday party for a bunch of seven year olds.

It was me and nine Monster High wannabes (ever notice how quickly parents scuttle away at the party drop-off?)

With a little planning and a huge lowering of personal expectations, it was ease filled and so much fun.

Ridiculous, uninhibited, belly laughing fun!

(Those kids sure know how to have a good time).
– We ate petite sandwiches, fruit kebabs and dinky chocolate dipped cake pops.

– We pinned the horn on the unicorn, played musical statues and went ‘Ganghnam style’ till we fell on the floor with laughter.

– We ditched the party lolly bags in favour of a small thank you gift.

Best fun I have had in ages.

You know how it sometimes takes being with kids to be a kid again?

To shake off that cape of responsiblity (that often feels more like shackles when you’re a parent?)

Yes. That.

I also skived off from work.

A client free day and a hubby not working mid-week.  That’s a sign right?

There was morning meditation, a coffee date with a new friend and an intimate champagne and candlelit lunch with my man.

Just the ticket.

Playing from the heart

It has been a week of playing from the heart.

Less pushing. Less commitments.

More passion, more fun.

It’s been a week of tuning into the heart and being called to do more for my relationships – with my family and with myself.

I’m so happy I listened. It’s been exciting and moving.

What about you?

Share with me how you have been celebrating life this week?

What’s your heart calling you to do?


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  1. says

    Love this! So nourishing and mindful! Fun is one of my focus words for the year. Sounds silly to need to focus on fun I know, but it stops me getting caught up in what I think I should be doing! Love your week Kirri x

  2. Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

    Fun is one of my core values Elisa. So easy to have fun when you are a kid and so easy to lose that sense of playfulness as an adult. Fun is almost equivalent to therapy in my book!

    Wishing you bunches of fun this year Elisa.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment today :)

  3. Heidi says

    Thank you for the reminder to ‘play from the heart’ we all need to do fit this into our weekly routines for a life with more love and peace and less go go go! x

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      You’re welcome Heidi :) Great to know that it hit the mark for you.
      I’d love to hear how you play from the heart?

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      Absolutely Alicia and I have to admit that it too me by surprise – I was envisaging a bit of a stressful day (solo-supervising a party) but it turned out to be just what I needed!

  4. says

    My heart is calling me to spend some one on one time with a certain little boy of mine who is finding settling back into school this year a little tough. I’m thinking a little sushi date and a lot of laughs is in order for that little dude and I tomorrow night xx

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      Aww Sonia- I hope you do just that. One on one time is so valuable and lets face it – good food and a few laughs can often soothe away worries like nothing else x

  5. says

    This week I have celebrated life by slowing down and appreciating the things that captivate my toddler. Today we spend alot of time putting pine bark in an old plant pot. I was refreshing!

  6. says

    Knowing my mental age, you will not be surprised to hear I used to enjoy my daughter’s birthdays when they were about this age. I used to call them “Apple-Blossoms” and to see them and all their friends scuttling round the garden and playing on the bouncy castle I used to hire has left me with many great memories.

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