The big difference between baby steps and baby steps that are right for you

baby steps‘Baby steps’, ‘small steps to success’, ‘chunking it down’, ‘bite sized pieces’.

If you have ever hired a life coach or read a personal development blog relating to goal achievement – you will be familiar with these descriptives.

Commonly used terms to describe the breaking down of large goals into smaller, achievable steps.

However, like many words, if we see, or hear them enough – they can begin to lose their impact and significance.

What I’ve learnt is that –

There is a huge difference between baby steps and baby steps that are right for you.

Let me explain.

As you may have noticed, I’ve started dabbling in the art of  v-logging.

What you won’t know (unless you are one of my close friends, or my life coach) is what a huge leap this has been for me.

Mammoth. Dry mouthed, voice shaking, palms sweaty type of mammoth.

The experience of sitting in front of a camera where all my flaws, foibles and nuances seemed to be magnified times 1000 and held up for public scrutiny is overwhelming.

Particularly when the perfectionist in me tends to compare her efforts with the likes of Marie Forleo.

Through this process, I’ve been reminded that it’s not enough to break things down into small actions or baby steps.  The baby steps need to be just the right fit for where you are right now.

Vlogging for me has been about stripping it right back to the basics – preparing with notes, coaching myself through the nerves and experimenting like crazy.

– I started by sitting in front of my webcam and filming myself reciting poetry, while looking into the camera.

– I created a couple of MP3s with my eyes closed (don’t ask).

– I recorded an impromptu vlog and sent it out to the world (ok, just one person).

– I recorded another one – this time without editing it.

– Finally, when I was ready to record  the first vlog for my site, I did so, with a piece of paper attached to the screen, so that I wouldn’t be distracted by my own awkwardness.

I learnt that there is no shame in having to take much smaller steps.

You can be embarrassed by your perceived inadequacies, but you don’t have to be ashamed. Click to tweet

Figure out what baby steps are the right fit for you

If you are fit and active, running your first 5km run would be a matter of increasing your distance from 1km, to 3km, and then 5km.

But if you have been inactive for years and held back by persistent thoughts of “I’m not a runner” then your first baby step,  might simply be to get off the couch and go shopping for running shoes. Or, go to a race and observe first hand the sea of people in all ages, sizes and fitness levels that are able to compete in, and complete a 5km run.

It’s not about a cookie cutter one size fits all. It’s about taking the baby steps that are right for you.

The well researched options might be perfect for where you are right now. They could also be too much of a stretch.  Be open to that possibility!

Don’t try to be 100 percent better. Experiment with being 10% better in 100 different ways!

Do whatever it takes to get to the next level.

Do whatever it takes to get to the next level.

Baby steps that are right for you.


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  1. says

    And awkward and all, those baby steps led you to make a fab vlog. I was so proud of you! It was fantastic, not only because I loved watching it but because I knew you were pushing boundaries you never had before. You Miss Kirri are very inspirational.

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      Thanks Darl. I appreciate the support – particularly as I know it’s a skill-set that you have down pat :)

  2. says

    So very true. My husband recently reminded me of the saying – “How do you eat an elephant?” (“One bite at a time”). I was staring at overwhelm but needed to be reminded that what works for one person may not be the right approach for me and that any time spent moving forward (no matter how little) is better than standing still.

  3. says

    Kirri, I read this a few days ago and am just now able to comment. I’ve honestly never really thought about taking baby steps that are right for ME. I’ve always been a rule follower, and this approach is more about tuning into your own needs and nurturing yourself. This post has really opened my mind.

    I also feel like it ties in really well with the blog post I’m releasing today, so I’ll be linking back to your page through my post. :)

  4. says

    Former rule follower here Adrianne and current rule challenger :)

    It is about tapping into your own authenticity and in all honesty, it’s been easier for me to encourage that in my clients, than in myself. I was paying too much attention to the voice that said ‘you SHOULD be able to do vlog straight off the bat’. You’re a life coach for G’s sake – you should have this!”

    When we can be our own guide, it all becomes clearer and easier….and to acknowledge that it’s completely ok to take it slower and smaller if that’s what it takes.

    Thanks for the linky love Adrianne x

  5. beth says

    I never would have guessed that you had any hesitations at all about doing a vlog. It all looked so natural for you!

  6. says

    Just reading this repost – I think you’ve done great with your vlogs and videos. And I love that line about doing 10% one hundred different ways. Hope you are doing OK.

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