Celebrating life

Celebrating life begins with baby steps

celebrating lifeThis is the first post in a weekly series, where I will share with you the ways that I am currently celebrating life.  

My life is not perfect. I face difficult challenges.

I have issues – mostly familiar ones that I am afforded the opportunity to learn from, again and again!

However, most days –  I wake up knowing it’s going to be a good day.

Most days I am mindful and present with my family. Most days I am kind to myself.  Most days, I am passionate about my work and certain that I can be of service to others.

Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to be here for one more precious moment.

Something I have learned about living an ordinary life, extraordinarily well is that it starts with intentional baby steps.

Creating positive daily rituals that slowly form habits.  Consistently stoking the fire of inspiration, in whatever way speaks to you.

When we commit to building on our lives every day – the teeniest baby steps soon become the stepping stones and foundations of an inspired life.

They also become ‘celebration-glue’ – the stuff that helps make personal growth enjoyable and ensures it sticks.

One of my favourite tools for celebrating my life is though the simple use of a visual diary.

The power of a visual Diary

celebrating life

A few pages from my 2012 visual diary. ‘Ease’ was a key theme for 2012 and giving myself permission to ‘want more’ seems to be showing up now. I was recently gifted
a key necklace, similar to the one pictured. How cool is that?!


At a time when many if us might still be unclear about our our yearly goals or intentions – a visual diary provides an avenue for exploration and accessing the creative mind. It can become a living, changing document of our deepest passions and desires.

I love setting intentions and making plans for the year but I’m a little greedy!  There is so much that I want and desire.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the big picture and swamped with questions:

– What do I really want to focus on this year?

– What’s most important?

Where do I start?

– What if Ive forgotten who I am, and what i like?

– How do I reconnect with the person who used to daydream and play in the land of possibility for hours?

– How do I create a vision that I’m not only excited and motivated by, but one that keeps evolving and transforming with me?

That’s where a visual diary can provide real value.

It’s a beautiful tool that can supplement a vision board, or be used in place of a vision board.

A visual diary is a way to record your personal stream of consciousness – a place to record ideas, designs, thoughts, inspirations, anything that resonates.

I love to snip out images from old or current magazines – things on my shopping wish-list, food that gets my taste buds singing, words that stir me up, colours,patterns, poems, – anything that stands out for me.

No analysis – just pure resonance.

I then create a little collage out of the images and add words that come up for me, usually desired feelings.

I search for themes and pick out ideas that feel nourishing and positive for me.

Sometimes I take it further and narrow in on what Danielle LaPorte refers to as ‘core desired feelings’. Other times, the images sit for a while, percolating and popping up months later, unexpectedly.

Creating a visual diary is a fun, personalised and powerful tool for getting clear about your desires and dreams before setting specific goals.

I like to think of it as a process for getting clear on who I am and what I want and for celebrating life while I’m at it.

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  1. Tara says

    I love this Kirri! I need to get onto something like this for 2013 I wrote all our goals/wants down but I think visualising is the next step!
    Hmmm think it might be my next crafty project 😉 xx

  2. says

    I love it too Kelly! I think it encapsulates what many of us are aiming for in life. Not sure who originally coined the term – it’s a phrase I picked up from somewhere, years ago.

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      Smash book – what’s that? I’m sure you have written about it before? Pop back and give me the link if you can – I’d like to check it out.

  3. says

    happy New Year, Kirri, good to see you back and I love your redesign! I have a visual diary, too, but lately I’ve been mostly using it for mind maps. Maybe it’s a few images that my mind maps are missing!

  4. Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

    Thanks Tat. I have a lot of mind maps in my diary as well – they are a little too messy and convoluted to photograph though!

  5. says

    I loved this, and felt a bit cheered reading it. Your one of those people who I wished lived nearer me so we could actually chat. Your guts, and the way you have taken the lessons from addressing your own problems to provide help for others, plus your visible good intentions and niceness always leave me with a warm glow. Bless you for it

    • says

      That is the nicest compliment I have been paid in some time Peter – Thank you so much. I always treasure your words and your own writing (which has brought a lot to my life – truly). A long chat and a cuppa would be fantabulous x

  6. says

    I absolutely agree that it’s the intentional baby steps that count. I often seek inspiration from my vision board, it reminds me who I am and where I am wanting to go. To keep a visual diary would cement that even further. I am going to live this series Kirri. xx

  7. says

    The story behind me using a visual diary began years ago, when I was feeling a little lost and wanted to create a vision board, but was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it ‘right’ first time. So this was like my preliminary vision board – collecting little bits and trying to get creative. I guess you could say it was borne from perfectitis!

    The process and habit have stuck and I personally get more from it than my one vision board as my diary is always being added to and, I like to think – growing with me.

    Always the best having you along for the ride Lee x

  8. says

    I think I remember you telling us about visual diaries and I’m sure I said that I was going to start one. I haven’t. I did actually intend to do it on the board in my study but I don’t go in there enough to remind myself to put something I want up on the board. So, I’m going to try harder Kirri and use one of my note books. I truly believe if you dream it and work for it, you can always get there!

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      So do I Pen! You are a creative genius! I can only imagine what you would come up with.

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      Maybe Lee :) I took some lessons years ago but spent more time flirting with the instructor than learning! I realised it’s still on my desire list and my husbands as well – I’m thinking a mutual anniversary present?

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