The right conditions to grow and flourish

right conditions grow flourish

My husband has a bunch of garden boxes filled with leafy greens, herbs, strawberries, heirloom tomatoes and eggplants.

These plants often receive, the first ‘Hello’ and a kiss of water after work – something I encourage, given that revenge is served daily on my dinner plate.

Every one of his plants flourished from day dot – aside from an unfortunate Chilli plant.

Limp and curled over, the sad plant was moved to the opposite end of our house – that bit closer to the garbage area.

A few days later, little Chilli began shouting colour and life all over the place!

All she needed was the right conditions, to grow and flourish.

Same goes for you.

Without the right conditions, you will shrink from aliveness, being intently focused on self-preservation and just getting by.

I’ve experienced this myself – creating a limiting environment because of my thoughts as to how life was destined to be, as an exhausted mum of three.

It was tough and I’m not going back there again!

The shiny spectacle of the New Year often lends us a set of fresh eyes …at least for the duration of January.

Take a look around your current environment. How is it supporting you?  Are you feeling engaged and excited about your life?  Confident and assured as to where you are travelling?

Sometimes we just need to change one thing – our relationship to self (or someone close to us), a thought, an interest, something we can invest in fervently.

We need the right conditions to thrive as well.

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  1. says

    A beautiful new look for your site, Kirri – congratulations! And a lovely message for the new year. Inspiring as always. It reminds me of a story I wrote last year called ‘Flourish’. I Thank you for reminding me that I may need to change something to get the right conditions to thrive. Wishing you an awesome 2013, Kirri! xxx

  2. Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

    Thank you for being my first commenter Deb :)
    Now it feels like home for sure.

    A flourishing 2013 to you too x

  3. says

    How very true. How easily forget the importance of making the surroundings around us as comfortable and secure for ourselves.
    Thanks for the reminder and just love your new home xxx

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      I’m wrapped to have you here Pam and looking forward to connecting more throughout the year.

  4. says

    Love the new look hon!! Fantastic!

    Great post – so true that sometimes what seems a failure is actually a learning opportunity and what we learn is what we can tweak, adjust, etc to get things on track to great things! happy new year to you! xx

  5. Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

    Or, in other words – a little bit of ‘finding your simple’, hey?!
    Great to have you back on golden soil – I’ve missed you x

  6. says

    A perfect start to a beautiful and powerful blog for the mind and soul. Can’t wait to see where you go with it. xx P

  7. says

    So glad I clicked on that FB link :)

    I really need to figure out what it is that need to change to make things calmer and more ‘me’ this year. :)

    • says

      Great to have you along for the ride Kate.

      What’s the one thing that would make the biggest difference to your life right now?

      Sometimes it helps to write it out and keep listing as many things that come to mind until you feel clear on exactly what it is :)

  8. says

    Congratulations on the renovation, Kirri! I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I want to see in 2013. So far, I’ve got a couple of words and thoughts and intentions. I haven’t had the chance to process further though since life with the littlies has thwarted me somewhat. I am feeling a tiny bit deflated already but keeping my chin up. Maybe I need to reconsider and focus smaller, as you’ve suggested. Fingers crossed for a bit more breathing space!

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      I haven’t finalised my greatest desires for 2013 yet either Veronica – I like to take my time – let things marinate and get really clear on where I’m going and the changes I am willing to commit to. That takes time. I really hope you will commit to making 2013 YOUR year x

    • Kirri @ Kirri White Coaching says

      Absolutely, it’s going to be an amazing year Deb! You’re feeling it too hey?! :)

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