Celebrate your Success

celebrate your success

When is the last time you celebrated your successes?  When did you stop to acknowledge your small wins, have a celebratory toast or do a little fist pump and happy dance?

I have a client who has lost 30kg in the past year, on her own, with nothing but the support from her family and the desire to change.

Another client, whose ultimate business goal that has not yet come to fruition.  However, she has had a number of smaller wins and created solid traction, due to a formidable work ethic that has lead her to connect with over 150 other brands/companies!

Success doesn’t have to be so hard

In both instances, these women seemed almost nonchalant about their achievements.

They acknowledged, that if these ‘wins’ had been attained by others, it would most definitely be a big deal.

In retrospect, their goals had not been as difficult to reach as they had anticipated, and this lead them to believe their efforts lacked merit.

They failed to see that every small step they had taken counted!

Success doesn’t always have to be so hard. We make it that way.

We visualise goals as looming obelisks, beyond the bounds of possibility, but in six months, a year, or even ten years; if we keep persisting and tapping away piece by piece, remarkable things can happen!

Success comes, one small step at a time.

 I worked half my life to become an overnight success, and still it took me by surprise ~Jessica Savitch

Be your own coach or cheerleader.

Take notice of your small wins.

If you manage to exercise for two days a week, after three years of complete inactivity, reflect on how good that feels for a moment.

If you and your husband have finally finished that three-year house renovation, have a party!

If you managed to settle your kids by 8pm for the first evening in a month, after trying every imagined settling technique and coming across one that finally works – Dance around the room naked!

Do something!

Whatever it is, take notice and give yourself permission to celebrate.

Often our happiness comes, not from reaching our goals but from celebrating them!

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate ~Oprah Winfrey


Self-love and validation

How many times have you wished that someone would notice and acknowledge your personal best?

How often does that actually happen, particularly in our roles as mums?

I have lost count of the times I have spent cleaning up the same toys, off the same floor in the same day.

The endless laundry, lunches and meals prepared, sometimes with love, and other times in haste, on a daily basis.

While we can accept that this is what we signed up for, aren’t we sometimes waiting for a little pat on the back?


Have you ever tried giving yourself a bit of positive affirmation when you need it?

Whatever it is that you would like to to hear, say it to yourself.

If you feel silly giving yourself a high-five, write it down or make a list of your recent wins and accomplishments.

Do it until it feels natural and make it a habit.

It is by teaching that we teach ourselves, by relating that we observe, by affirming that we examine, by showing that we look, by writing that we think, by pumping that we draw water into the well. ~Henri Frederic Amiel

If you don’t take that moment to acknowledge yourself and to feel the the pleasure in your achievements, you are effectively ignoring all your hard work and progress.

It’s the experiencing of the positive emotions that make it real!

When we make time for a little self-reflection and validation, we may just find that we don’t require it from others anymore.

We can get that from ourselves whenever we need it and feel just as good.


Get Monthly Celebration Notes from Kirri

Get Monthly Celebration Notes from Kirri


  1. says

    wow this is such an awesome post!
    I am one of those people who are starting to really celebrate holidays and birthdays but there are so many more reasons in my life that I could celebrate so many little wins for team mummy or wins just for Tara.
    I guess I have never looked at it like this, now I cant wait to celebrate the wins in all the fabulous ways possible.

  2. says

    You know I felt quite weird posting about my half marathon and even had my husband read the post before I published it (which I never do!). That post was part of my celebration of my achievement and it wasn’t comfortable because I don’t celebrate them very often. Such a good thing to point out Kirri!

    • says

      I’m so glad that you did Nic and congrats again – completing a half-marathon is a huge achievement! I’m sure that your efforts have have inspired many other women to consider stepping out of their comfort zone in a big way as well.

  3. says

    I am totally with you on this one!
    In fact, I wrote a post some time ago about ‘celebrating the little victories’. Although I used the word ‘little’, they certainly didn’t feel like small successes at the time!
    I try and get my personal training clients in tune with small victories; it makes the work all the more worthwhile!

  4. says

    (I’ll have to pop over and take a look at that post Tamara). In pausing to enjoy the little victories, we gain a deeper understanding of the big ones. It’s like noticing all the smaller sights on the journey to our ultimate destination.

  5. says

    It’s all about the attitude. I used to get to the end of a stressful day and feel awful about accomplishing very little. But then I started to focus on what I had achieved – and even if I only managed to hang out a load of washing, it was still a success. Such a great reminder – I’m going to do a few more fist pumps today :)

    • says

      Exactly Deb! It’s too easy in mummyhood to fall into the trap of thinking we have achieved very little (especially when we have to repeat so many of the same tasks over and over again in any one day), but if we look close enough, there are always a few wins to appreciate!

  6. says

    Kirri – you say words so beautifully. I know when I come here I will feel warm and loved! AND inspired. YES, we need to celebrate our successes more! I’ve become more aware of this as I get older. These days I cheer myself on and celebrate every day that I get through! It is so important. xx

  7. beth says

    Love this! You are so right that it is important to make a concious effort to celebrate even the smallest of successes!! I had a little dance around the room yesterday when I was able to fit into my summer clothes (a little snugly) even after a winter of not meeting any of my fitness goals!! Maybe I reached them in other ways than I had planned but spent too much time focusing on what I wasn’t accomplishing….

    • says

      Well that is a reason to celebrate! I know from first hand experience that it makes sense to have a bit more padding to see you through Canadian winters. Enjoy your summer time!

  8. says

    I am my own harshest critic. I can be terrible at taking compliments (as you know!) but I’m learning. With that though, I’m also learning not to be so harsh on certain people either. I think accepting that people around me make mistakes, I’ve been able to accept the ones I make. Does that make sense ?
    But overall, yes. So important for us to do a self-check and see how much we’ve achieved. The small stuff as well as the big stuff. It’s all relative, isn’t it ?

    • says

      That’s the thing about growing self awareness – you start on one thing and keep learning….The more we can tap into, and practice compassion and understanding, the more we have to give both ourselves and others. You’re an amazing pot of inspiration G!

  9. says

    I often think we spend so much effort in going forward, and refining our sense of destination as we ,that we fail to notice how far we have managed to travel. Stopping for a second to enjoy the view your efforts have granted you is always an affirming occupation. You continue to inspire with your gutsy and positive attitude.

    • says

      Great quote Nikky. My dad used to say something similar to me as a kid “Whatever the mind can conceive, one can achieve!”.

  10. Martine@themodernparent says

    So very wise Kirri! When starting a business I think it is very easy to get caught up in your bigger goal aspirations, but I think if I was to actually write down all the things I have achieved so far (with 5 kids in tow) I may just surprise myself…..and do a little dance!

    • says

      I can totally relate to that one Martine. Being a solopreneur can be an overwhelming and lonely pursuit at times. Reflecting on our smaller wins and celebrating them is one of the most useful tools I have found for self-motivation.

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